Welcome to Bastion, an outpost of civilization on the edge of the demon-haunted wilds.

It’s been forty-three years since the gates of the Abyss all flung open at once and the forces of chaos laid siege to the world. The war has been bitter since then: there have been victories and losses, heroes and traitors. As the decades wear on and the battle lines calcify, there are those who begin to ask, is this simply our world now?

Bastion is a fortified city on an escarpment of rock, nestled between the mountains and the Brackenfell still controlled by the forces of civilization and the demon-infested Sylvan Sea, a vast forest that stretches to the horizon. A military triumvirate rules the town, the garrison keeps the walls defended, and the scout regiment conducts sorties into the nearby woods—always in the day—to keep the citizens safe. The Church of Maloaster the Brilliant Beacon is strong here, including branches of the Beacon’s Hammer, the Hospitallers, and the shadowy Order of the Candle. Farmers wring crops out of the dusty Brackenfell soil, and trade comes mostly up the Fourth Column Road from Dawnwatch.

Life isn’t easy on the edge of civilization, but there is opportunity here for the strong, the clever, and the wise.

The Demon-Haunted Wilds

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